The Rules: 

These rules are subject to change as incidents are dealt with by the admin team.  All reasonable attempts will be made to notify players of any changes.  We ask that you report any violation of these rules to the admin team as soon as possible. 

  • Please refrain from being disruptive within the OOC landing zone.

  • This is an adult-rated sim and may feature sexual or violent themes.  Minors or the use of child avatars are strictly prohibited.  Any violation of this rule will result in a permanent ban.​​

  • Only approved Characters are allowed to roleplay on the sim.  Any role play which takes place off sim or outside of Second Life is considered void for the purpose of the ongoing story and will result in disciplinary actions.

  • Out-of-Character harassment will not be tolerated.  Trolling, griefing, spy-bots, chat-bots, or any other scripted items or huds that allow a player to intercept chat, will result in a temporary or permanent ban at the discretion of the admin team.  

  • Gestures and scripted or attached NPC's of any sort are prohibited. 

  • Character Appearance:  

    • ​All characters must be and appear to look 18 years of age or older.  You will be asked to change your avatar at the admin's discretion should it be perceived as too 'young'.  Failure to do so appropriately may result in a ban against playing.  

    • Absolutely no modern dress, animals, furries, or futuristic avatars allowed.

    • Titlers outside of those ONLY stating character names or making notes of post-order are prohibited.

    • All players shall follow the archetype appearance of their characters.  

  • Players will not idle or stand out of character in public spaces.  The only authorized out-of-character areas are private rentals or the teleport point.

  • Discussion of roleplay (including the contents, actions of a character, speculation, etc.) as an attempt to sway the outcome of roleplay through out-of-character means may result in disciplinary actions.

  • Alt characters:

    • Players with a Tier 1  character will not have noble alt characters.  They may choose to have one smallfolk character so long as that character is of a different region than their main character.

    • Players with a Tier 2 and Tier 3 characters may have an additional Tier 3 character provided that both characters are of different regions and their storylines never inersect. 

    • When applying for an Alt character, it must be noted on the application, without exception.

    • Any circumventing of these rules may result in the loss of one or more characters, or a ban from the sim depending on the severity of matters.


  • Right to Life: Players may expect a reasonable right to life for their characters, which in this setting means that all players should expect that death cannot occur without roleplay.  Be aware that death is a very real possibility for all characters and does not require the player's consent to move forward.  In-character consequences for actions taken against another player, plots against those who are in positions of power, battle, treason, or other grievous crimes (whether real or part of a devious plot) are all reasons where death is possible.  Disputes on this matter will be taken on a case-by-case basis by the admin team.

  • Character abandonment; Players who abandon a Tier 1 character through personal choice and not the natural end of their character (ie. death) will be limited to Tier 3 characters.  Please be advised that the Admin team will adjudicate this on a case by case basis.  Once the decision to abandon a character (at any tier) has been made, or the notification to the Admin has begun the process, you may not preform any actions, send letters, or give information to others to influence the ongoing rp for those who remain.

  • ​Fade to Black:  Players may request that a scene 'fade to black' if they are uncomfortable or unwilling to roleplay out the specific interactions.  In such a case, 'fade to black' does not negate the consequences of the scene for either party, and specifics of the outcome of the scene must be discussed by the parties involved.  ​

  • Players will refrain from metagaming.  

  • Players will refrain from godmodding.  

  • Players will refrain from powergaming.  

  • Players who do not intend to engage in roleplay with an ongoing scene will not stand within the chat range of that scene.  Players have one round to enter an ongoing scene, failure to do so may result in a polite request in instant messages to move along. 

  • In-character actions will and should result in in-character consequences.  All players are expected to acknowledge the inherent danger of the genre and the consequences of roleplay which may result in a character's death, incarceration, gossip, social shunning, etc.  Please be aware that the admin will not adjudicate any dispute caused by the player's 'hurt feelings' over how roleplay progressed or the player's perceived notion of what they 'deserve' in roleplay. 

  • Players will not ignore the presence of NPC's in order to mitigate consequences.  Servants, guards, and peasants​ are generally present in most settings.  

  • Players will not use teleports or other in-game mechanics in order to avoid roleplay consequences.

  • Players will not roleplay off-sim, in instant messages, or on any platform outside of Second Life in order to mitigate the chance of getting "caught" in a scene.